About OQtonion


OQtonion is the leader in software development and systems integration for service providers, state structures, banking institutions and contact-centers.


Company Mission

The company aims to create and implement innovative solutions for improving our customers’ business effectiveness via launching revolution services that change the quality of life for the better.


OQtonion is involved in:


Video Surveillance


    CCTV cloud platform development to provide a single point of control for all the city processes with their localization on the interactive map; Integration with various solutions in the field of video surveillance and analytics; Technical support.


Digital TV and Content Delivery


    OTT solutions development equipped with quality adaptation system for internet video streaming and most popular streaming technologies support. The service is available for stbs, computers and mobile devices running Apple and Android;

    IPTV solutions development to offer advanced interactive TV services: TV and Radio Broadcasting, Mosaic View, Video on Demand, Replay TV, Pause Live TV, Content Search, Parental Control, etc.;

    Designing, implementation and support of IPTV, Internet TV (OTT), Mobile and Hybrid TV projects;

    Design and development of components for service providers’ Operation and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS);

    Digital TV expert estimation and consulting;

    Integrated technical support of customers and partners.


Video Consulting over Internet


    Video Consulting Solution development and deployment. The service offers visual contact with the consultant with the following opportunities: to demonstrate documents and save them on the user’s computer, to help in site navigation.

    Technical support and tailored solutions design and development.


Software development for banking institutions and collection agencies:


    Software development for defaulting debtor’s collection management - OQtonion Debt Collection;

    Design, integration and support of software for IT infrastructure;

    Customer support and maintenance.


OQtonion is a partner of leading developers and manufacturers of telecommunication solutions.

The company’s staff consists of highly skilled programmers and engineers, who implement the goals set by customers in a professional manner. It is the high level of professionalism and the focus and dedication of OQtonion employees which gives the company a market leadership position and competitive edge.


OQtonion' customers are telecommunication companies and banking institutions that aim to improve their efficiency using cutting edge solutions.